5 Steps to Choose the Best Blanket

Nothing feels better than a comfy blanket to keep your warm on a cold night. That soft, cozy feeling is something that you can’t pass off, especially after a busy day at work.

Blankets are underappreciated because the comforter or duvet usually takes center stage as the star of the bad. The blanket in the middle of your sheets and comforter should be given more appreciation since it creates an extra pocket of air that keeps you warm at night!

Buying a blanket doesn’t seem as complicated as you may think. However, getting the perfect blanket for you can be a challenge. Here are five tips you should follow to get the best blanket for you!


Getting The Right Size

Finding a blanket that suits the size of your bed is crucial if you want to perfect one. It would be best if you had a blanket that’s large enough to cover your mattress but not one that’s too large that it starts touching the ground.

Sizes may vary, but generally, these are the sizes of typical blanket manufacturers:

  • King: 90” x 110”
  • Queen: 90” x 90”
  • Full size:: 90” x 85”
  • Twin: 90” x 65”


Getting The Fabric Right

The type of fabric is the bread and butter of your blanket’s comfort. With a plethora of materials to choose from, getting one that is soft, comfortable, and lasts wrong can be tricky!

Cotton blankets are the most common ones in the market. They last through lots of wash cycles, and it can be lightweight, depending on the weave.

Wool blankets are perfect if you want a weighted and warm blanket. They’re incredibly comfortable, and there are tons of wool varieties to choose from. A merino wool blanket, in particular, can help warm you up at night and is incredibly soft!


Choosing The Weave

The weave is crucial to a blanket’s warmth and weight. Thermal weaves are the most common type of wave, and it’s generally loose and allows air circulation to flow freely. Knit blankets are commonly seen made out of wool or synthetic materials, and they are incredibly heavy and warm.

There are also traditional weaves that are tight and trap in a lot of your body heat. Choose a blanket with a weave type that best fits your needs based on the season and your preferences!


Getting an Electric or Weighted Blanket

Eclectic blankets can be the perfect choice for the winter. Electric blankets allow you to adjust the heat based on your comfort, and some even have separate controls, so if you and your loved one are on the same bed, you can have different levels of heat! Moreover, a weighted blanket is another great option, especially for those who have insomnia. 

You shouldn’t get an electric blanket for your children, as it can be dangerous. If you get an electric blanket, you eliminate the need for a comforter so that you can save a little money!


Keep In Mind That The Choice Is Up To You

The blanket you should choose should be based on what feels the most comfortable and what you can afford. You’re going to be the one using it almost every night, so you should have the last say.

Blankets give you warmth and an extra hint of design in the bedroom. Make sure you follow the tips on this guide and stay warm!

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