These Beautiful Melbourne Suburbs Will Surely Take Your Breath Away

There’s a constant battle among Melbourne suburbs to see which one is the best and most desirable. Today, we’re going to settle this argument once and for all. In the following paragraphs, we’ll be listing our top three picks for the best suburbs.

We will consider factors such as the community, amenities, green spaces and housing. Ultimately, we hope to help you find the best one for you, or just brag to your neighbouring suburbs!


#1 Richmond

Richmond sits only 3 kilometres away from Melbourne’s CBD. So, it’s quite popular with all kinds of people, from students to working singles and various family structures. The 26,000 or so residents are happy to keep away from the city hustle and bustle while staying close to great restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The suburb features old Victorian homes, as well as modern apartments, both of which are quite affordable. Additionally, the streets of Richmond are very well kept and offer a lot of greenery.  This suburb also comes with an excellent transportation system, allowing for quick and easy commutes within and outside the suburb.

Overall, Richmond offers a well-balanced lifestyle, plenty of exposure to nature, and proximity to job opportunities and major events. So, it easily fits into most people’s idea of the perfect place to live in.


#2 Officer


Officer is a bit farther away from Melbourne (48 km) but is still well connected to the city and its amenities. The suburb is also quite tranquil and comes with a diverse, tight-knit community.

The suburb is broken up into several developed residential communities but there’s also land available for purchase. Additionally, with plenty of house and land packages Officer facilitates an inexpensive and quick way for new residents to move in. Another great perk of living here is that, because the area is still developing, homeowners and investors can expect a high ROI.

Officer is the place that truly makes you feel at home. The streets and parks are well-kept, the community is great, and there are plenty of schooling and work opportunities nearby.


#3 St Kilda

St Kilda is a very active and lively suburb, that also allows you to chill out on the beach whenever you want. It’s only 6 kilometres from the CBD, close to the beach, and features a rich cultural life. The housing market is also quite stable, and there are plenty of apartments and homes available for rent and purchase.

The suburb comes with a diverse population of around 20,000 people, all of whom are able to enjoy the numerous amenities right at their fingertips. The historic Luna Park, Palais Theatre and Astor Theatre will all be within walking distance from your home, making St Kilda a haven for art lovers.

So, St Kilda is perfect for all kinds of people, from the laid-back to super adventurous.


Final Thoughts


There’s no doubt that there are plenty of amazing suburbs in Melbourne. But, for us, these three ultimately reign supreme. All jokes aside, all of these provide you with the ability to live in an amazing area, with a lot of nature around you, and all of the amenities you’ll need. So, in our opinion, you won’t go wrong if you choose to move to any of them.

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